Thanks to Kimberly at Sub-Antarctic Science for a great idea for today’s blog post–a denizen of the Southern Ocean I wasn’t familiar with.

I’m talking about Ningen, humanoid creatures of the deep!  Ningen literally means “human” in Japanese.

Urban legend?  Maybe, but check out this screen capture from Google Maps–

Ningen are 20 to 3o meter long creatures that have been sighted by Japanese whale “research” vessels.  Witnesses have reported seeing arms, legs and even five-fingered hands on white, vaguely humanoid-shaped creatures.  Sometimes they are even described as having mermaid tails.  The only visible facial features are the eyes and mouth.

As is usual with this kind of phenomenon, there are no convincing photographs.  But there is this pretty amazing video!


  1. I wonder if this is one of the sources for mermaid tales? (Tales, not tails.)

  2. I’d never heard of these things, but they could well be the source of some mermaid stories. It’s surprising how big they are reported to be though. Like 75-125 feet long! Most likely I would guess people are seeing giant squid, about which very little is known.

  3. I’d never heard about “Ningen” when i search it i just got some info about “Ningen”
    it’s really like an part of the ice in the antarctic place and look like an mermaid when you zoom
    out the picture and i hope that i will get more info.

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