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Antarctica stands in for Mars

I really wanted to write about “Nazis at the Center of the Earth” which is a new movie set in Antarctica, but this is supposed to be a science blog.  But you can read the review for yourself here.  Sounds pretty amazing, actually. Anyway, today’s posting is about the European Space Agency mission that proposes […]

Guess the Explorer!

  Haven’t done this for awhile, so here are five interesting but obscure facts about an Antarctic explorer.  See if you can guess which one… This explorer– 1. Went to the Antarctic with both Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton. 2. Served aboard HMS Edinburgh. 3.Went on five separate expeditions to Antarctica but died peacefully in […]

Guess the Explorer…

Another Sunday!  Last week’s explorer was Sir Ranulph Fiennes.  Here are this week’s clues: 1. Turned down a chance to go on Robert Scott’s ill-fated South Pole expedition and charted Antarctica’s coastline instead. 2. Sole survivor of a party of three men who were collecting geological samples from the Antarctic coast..  Our explorer walked 100 […]

Dedicated to Robert Falcon Scott

No Google search today as it is the 100th anniversary of the last journal entry of the very brave Robert Scott, who, along with his companions Henry “Birdie” Bowers and Edward Wilson, perished after they were caught in an Antarctic blizzard just 18km from a resupply depot. The story is a tragic one.  Although the […]

Guess the Explorer!

  Another Sunday already? Time to play guess the explorer. This week’s person will be a little trickier… 1. Our explorer received an honorary doctorate from Plymouth University in the UK. 2. One of his expeditions was described by Prince Charles as being a “mad, and suitably British, enterprise.” 3. The oldest Briton to climb […]

It’s Sunday so let’s play guess the Antarctic explorer!

5 clues from page 5 of the Google search…   1. Partial description of an expedition this person participated in–“the team made their first camp below the Khumbu Ice Fall, a steep, rugged, and fast-moving section of the Khumbu Glacier.” 2. Film footage and a radio interview recording of our mystery person, both more than […]