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Mertz Glacier calving leads to reduced sea ice

Mertz, a heavily crevassed glacier in George V Land of east Antarctica, has a tongue that protrudes 100km into the Southern Ocean.  In February, 2010 it split in half due to the collision with iceberg B9-B, which had broken off the Ross Ice Shelf in 1987.  The newly formed iceberg was called Iceberg C-28.  (It was […]

So What the Heck is a Toothfish?

With the announcement a couple of days ago that US supermarket chain Harris Teeter will no longer stock Antarctic Toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni), I thought I would devote today’s blog posting to finding out more about this dentally prominent denizen of the deep.  As is usual I won’t use any information on the first four pages […]