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Mertz Glacier calving leads to reduced sea ice

Mertz, a heavily crevassed glacier in George V Land of east Antarctica, has a tongue that protrudes 100km into the Southern Ocean.  In February, 2010 it split in half due to the collision with iceberg B9-B, which had broken off the Ross Ice Shelf in 1987.  The newly formed iceberg was called Iceberg C-28.  (It was […]

Good News!

Normally we get only bad news about the environment so I thought I would report about a hopeful story I read in the Calgary Herald.  Using satellite mapping technology, a group of British Antarctic Survey scientists has found that there are more than twice the number of Emperor penguins (Aptenodytes forsteriis) on the frozen continent than previously […]

Meteor 1-1 Falls on Queen Maud Land

In the news this week: a defunct Soviet-era weather satellite, Meteor 1-1 died a fiery death over Antarctica. The satellite was launched way back in 1969 and stayed in orbit more than 40 years.  Fragments landed in Queen Maud Land, about 690 kilometers (430 miles) from Argentinian research station of Belgrano II.   Let’s see what […]