Guess the Explorer!


Another Sunday already? Time to play guess the explorer.

This week’s person will be a little trickier…

1. Our explorer received an honorary doctorate from Plymouth University in the UK.

2. One of his expeditions was described by Prince Charles as being a “mad, and suitably British, enterprise.”

3. The oldest Briton to climb Everest.

4. Ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

5. He once famously removed the tips of his frostbitten fingers with a fret saw.

Who is this crazy man?



  1. Forgot to say that last week’s explorer was Sir Edmund Hillary.

  2. At first I thought this man is indeed crazy. But then I started reading about him and he does have some sound advice:

  3. Pretty impressive, I agree. (Although I still think the business of self-amputation is a bit wacko.) And you guessed the explorer correctly–it was Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Next week’s will be more difficult!

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